Kendall Art Advisory assists collectors in acquiring paintings, sculpture and works on paper. Since inception in 2004, Matt Kendall has worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of paintings worth tens of millions of dollars. He specializes in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary works of art. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned collector, you will benefit from having Matt as a resource along your collecting journey. Matt provides research and information, market valuations and insights, finds paintings across the globe, and assists with everything from investment analysis, to bidding tactics at auction, conservation processes, transportation practices and insurance. When you are ready to sell, Matt can help with that too, developing and executing strategies to ensure you realize top-dollar for your investment.


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I have known Matt Kendall, Owner of Kendall Fine Art, for more than 15 years. My wife and I have purchased some of the finest American Paintings of many important artists such as Sargent, Chase, Tarbell, Prendergast, etc. Although we have patronized all of the top New York galleries, there is no American Art dealer that we have done more business with than Matt Kendall.

Matt Kendall is the art dealer of the future, before the future was here. Matt is extremely high-tech and low overhead, which is what even the wealthiest of collectors now prefer. Being high-tech Matt can very quickly ascertain the history of paintings which will affect pricing, and his vast network of online sources enables him to assess proper values to prevent inflated prices of the past.

I have found Matt to be scrupulously honest and extremely knowledgeable, and for a knowledgeable discerning collector as myself Matt's vast knowledge has inspired many wonderful conversations over our shared mutual passion.

I highly recommend engaging Matt in an advisory capacity, and feel free to call me with any additional questions concerning this beneficial relationship.
Michael Antonello
Thanks to Matt’s auction experience and pricing knowledge I was able to secure a painting for tens of thousands less than anticipated.
Mike Kohlsdorf