American Paintings

Theodore Robinson

The Plum Tree

Karl Buehr

Resting by the Riverbank

Richard Miller


Alfred T. Bricher

Evening Glow

Joe Brown


Gustave Wolff

In the Afternoon Sun

Charles C. Curran


Norman Rockwell

Study for A Good Sign All Over the World

Robert Blum

Sampans at Sea

Willard Metcalf

Thawing Brook

Gardner Symons

The First Snowfall

Aldro Hibbard

Londonderry, Vermont

Konrad Cramer


Fletcher Martin

The Toss

Emile Gruppe

Sailboats, Gloucester 

Oscar Bluemner

Morris Canal, New Jersey

Oscar Bluemner

Patterson, New Jersey

Jules Pages

In the Luxembourg Gardens

Jules Pages

Gardens of the Tuileries

Granville Redmond

Anchored Boats

Laura C. Hills

Yellow Dahlias

Maurice Braun

Still Life

Alfred Mitchell

Back Country

Joseph Lindon Smith

View of Varenna, Lake Como

Alson Clark

Arches, San Juan Capistrano

Jean Mannheim

Morro Bay

Marion Wachtel

Morning Light

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