Jacques Martin-Ferrieres

Vue de Labastide-du-Vert

oil on canvas
20 x 24 inches
signed and dated lower right

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Provenance: The Carter Family, TX; David Dike Fine Art; Mr. B. Brown, Georgia

Jac Martin-Ferrieres was born at Saint-Paul (Tarn) on August 6, 1893. He was the son of the Post-Impressionist painter, Henri Martin and naturally became his father’s pupil. Martin-Ferrieres also studied portraiture, still life and landscape painting under Cormon and E Laurent.

Martin-Ferrieres was a member of the Societaire of the Artistes Francais and won many prizes for his work. Notably, he was awarded medals of excellence in 1920, 1923, 1924,
(Grant to travel), 1925 (PrixNationale), 1928 (PrixLegay-Lebrun, Prix de L’Institut). In 1965 Martin-Ferrieres held an exhibition of Views of Venice and Landscapes in the snow which was well received. Martin-Ferrieres’ pointillist technique was certainly learned from his father, Henri Martin. He also was known for using a thick application of paint, overlaying layer after layer and so giving his canvases animation and a scintillating use of light.


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